is a next-generation yield farming experiment, combining some of the most exciting features from today’s biggest players in decentralized finance with revolutionary new tokenomics of our team’s own design.

Tokens within the JusDeFi ecosystem will be subject to a dynamic fee when unstaked, which will be used both to enrich the staking rewards pool and for a cyclic token burn. Unique to our platform, this unstaking fee will be subject to a weekly community-governed formulaic recalculation, which will in turn determine how many tokens are burned in each cycle.

Fee governance will be done via an easy-to-use bidding process…

Connor from JusDeFi talks about the project

Here’s the transcript from a fun interview that Connor from the team did with Pentoshi this morning. We’re so grateful to have been invited. And Sonny — thanks for asking us some great questions!

Please join !

Sonny | DeFi Palooza

Welcome on board Connor. It’s not every day to stumble on DeFi projects whose team are willing to put their money where their mouth is by revealing their identity, so let’s get to know you guys proper.

Connor | JusDeFi

Hey Sonny. First of all, thanks for having me. I’m Connor Pelcher, and I’m heading up marketing and strategy for the project…

JDFI/A — The JusDeFi Airdrop Token

Surprise! The official is 4 short days away, but we’ve got an early gift for our community members who were caught in the AmplyFi rugpull. As a “token” of our appreciation, we’re airdropping JusDeFi to all affected wallets. A number of JDFI/A tokens equal to your original investment should be in your wallets by the time you read this.

JDFI/A can be converted to JDFI/S (staked tokens) as soon as our protocol goes live at the conclusion of our Liquidity Event. This conversion will be free, and can easily be done through our staking portal beginning on Monday…

Hello, everyone — our liquidity event has concluded! Thanks to everyone who participated!

We are a public facing team, registered with a US-based LLC, and our project is fully audited!

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Stake your tokens here:

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Third party audit was passed —

We wanted to bring you up to speed on how the event participation works, as well as answer some questions that we’ve seen commonly asked across our social media platforms. Read below for more info.

JusDeFi Team

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