JDFI/A — The JusDeFi Airdrop Token

Surprise! The official Liquidity Event is 4 short days away, but we’ve got an early gift for our community members who were caught in the AmplyFi rugpull. As a “token” of our appreciation, we’re airdropping JusDeFi to all affected wallets. A number of JDFI/A tokens equal to your original investment should be in your wallets by the time you read this.

JDFI/A can be converted to JDFI/S (staked tokens) as soon as our protocol goes live at the conclusion of our Liquidity Event. This conversion will be free, and can easily be done through our staking portal beginning on Monday, November 9th. As soon as the token is converted, you’ll immediately begin earning the same JDFI rewards as any other holders.

Remember, though — your “victim tokens” will be locked into the protocol and can only earn passive rewards. They can’t be unstaked and sold until the unlock fee is paid (read why in our F.A.Q.). However, your rewards are unlocked and unrestricted, so you’re free to sell or hold those as your please! Who doesn’t like free money?

One more quick note: the shrewd contract-readers among you may notice that we are airdropping 10,020 tokens instead of the 10,000 that we promised. We ran a new script to double check that we had all of the correct wallet addresses, and we found one poor soul who deposited 5 ETH to the AmplyFi contract hours after the pool had “closed”. We’re considering them a victim, so they’re getting an airdrop, too. These tokens will be provided from the Dev Fund.

Adding JDFI/A to MetaMask

If you want to view these tokens in MetaMask, and you’re unfamiliar with the process of adding a custom token, follow the directions below.

Step 1

Open MetaMask, and make sure you’re connected to the same wallet address that you used for AmplyFi. Click “Assets” and scroll down until you see “Add Token”. Click that button.

Step 2

Click “Custom Token” on the top right, and paste in the contract address:


The fields for “Token Symbol” and “Decimals of Precision” will automatically fill in. Click “Next”.

Step 3

You should now see your JDFI/A balance, so click “Add Tokens”. You’re all done! Enjoy your new tokens, and we’ll see you this Friday, November 6th at 20:00 UTC for our Liquidity Event!

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