Liquidity Event Guide & F.A.Q.

Hello, everyone — our liquidity event has concluded! Thanks to everyone who participated!

We are a public facing team, registered with a US-based LLC, and our project is fully audited!

Liquidity Event

Beginning Friday, November 6th at 20:00 UTC, you are welcome to participate in our liquidity event. At that point, the event dApp will open up and allow you to connect your wallet.

Liquidity Event dApp

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the liquidity event?

A. JusDeFi’s liquidity event will go live on Friday, November 6th at 20:00 UTC.

Q. When does it end?

A. The event will run for a full week, and will end on Friday, November 13th at 20:00 UTC.

Q. What is the initial token price?

A. JDFI tokens will be priced at 0.25 ETH/JDFI.

Q. What’s the LE cap?

A. The liquidity event will cap out at 2500 ETH / 10,000 JDFI.

Q. What happens if the LE does not fully fill?

A. All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the event (72 hours from the start time).

Q. What happens if the LE sells out?

A. If the LE fully fills before the deadline, the contract will close and we won’t accept any new deposits.

Q. What happens to all of the ETH that is being raised?

A. All 2500 ETH will be paired with a separate pool of 10,000 tokens and deposited as Uniswap liquidity. This liquidity will be locked and eventually used for automatic JDFI buybacks.

Q. Are my tokens available to sell immediately?

A. All tokens will come pre-staked and earning rewards from day 1. In order to sell your tokens, you must unstake them and pay the fee.

Q. Has the project been audited?

A. Yes! The project was audited by Callisto Network. Read their findings here.

Q. Can we review the code before the LE?

A. The source code will be released on the morning of the liquidity event. The third-party auditor will be publicly documenting his findings in our GitHub.

Q. This is awesome! What can I do to help?

A. Spread the word! Retweet our project announcement, show your friends, get people interested! Reach out to the dev team if you want to take on a more concrete role in this process — we’re always looking for help!

Q. Wait! I have more questions!

A. Join us on Discord! We have a very active community, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have. Please also read our project announcement article for a detailed breakdown of the entire protocol.

Q. Do you have a website, Telegram, Twitter, etc?

A. Yes! Check us out here: